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How to organize (and keep organized) a small space

Even though some apartments (including Encore Memorial) have great storage space, when you’re downsizing….or just living for that matter….you have ALOT of stuff! There are a couple of things you can do to organize your small space.

  • Shelving: the best way to add storage to your decor without having to take up floor space is by adding shelving. You can store your CD’s, DVD’s, books or any other collections on the shelves (off the floor and out of small hands)
  • Being a woman, I have a TON of shoes, I know that small closet space can be a problem (we don’t really have that issue here at Encore but some do). A great way to get shoes off of the floor (and out of the reach of Fido) would be a shoe organizer. You can get them that hang from your door or from your shelves themselves. They can be found at Dollar General or Walmart for very low cost. Also it will save you time in the morning trying to find that matching shoe!
  • Depending on how much floor space you have in your apartment a great place to store those extra blankets or towels for guests are in a trunk or chest. It would also work great for seating in the bedroom or to be used as a table for pictures or flowers
  • Cut down on clutter by adding hooks to the living room, kitchen or bathroom. This inexpensive fix will allow for usable wallspace to be turned into an area for day-to-day items such as your keys, hats, coats and purses. Use In the kitchen use them to hang dish towels, oven mitts and in some cases decorations.
  • Shop around for furniture that has multiple uses. Most bedroom sets offer beds with drawers, so this is a great way to attain additional storage. Ikea (in Frisco, TX about 4 hours from here) is a great store to shop for storage solution for affordable apartment settings. Coffee tables, end tables and sometimes even mini bars have tons of shelving or space.
  • With these few clutter cutting tips your apartment will be looking good in no time


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