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How to stay healthy during the flu season

During the winter season we need to be eating right and still exercising to keep our immune systems up to fight off the nasty flu bug. 

A few things that you can eat to fight the flu are some immunity boosting foods, such as low-fat dairy products, whole grains, lean proteins and a variety of produce.

Specific foods you can eat would be a lot of citrus, like grape fruit, oranges, kumquats, tangerines and clementines as well as canned tomatoes, chiles or pineapple for vitamin C.  You can also eat a veggies such as Pumpkin, butternut squash and any other deep-hued orange produce that provide beta-carotene which is converted in the body to vitamin A.  Drink a lot of water–it will promote healthy muscle, bone and blood.  Water, coffee, tea and juice as well as water-filled foods such as soups and stews all count towards daily hydration needs.  Yogurt and green tea are probably the best foods you can have during the flu season.  Yogurt has the active cultures that you need to fight off the common cold and flu.  Green tea has the plant based compounds that will increase your immune cells and help fight the nasty flu bug.

There are a few other steps that you can take to keeping you and your family safe from the flu bug this year besides eating better.

1) Regularly disinfect the kitchen sink, the trash can the bathroom faucet and the tub.  They’re some of the germiest places in the home.

2) Take a brisk walk 5 times a week, which this week would be perfect for!

3) Get adequate sleep.  7-9 hours of sleep are recommended for adults, 8.5-9.25 hours are recommended for teens ages 13-17, kids up to 12 are recommended 10-11 hours and children 3-5 are recommended 11-13 hours to have enough rest to battle cold and flu season.

3) Last but not least, work probiotics (the good bacteria in yogurt) into your daily diet to help your systems fight off the bad bacteria.



If you eat right and excersise daily you should have no problem fighting off that nasty flu bug!




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