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How To Be Storm Ready In An Apartment

With storm season quickly approaching in Oklahoma, we at Encore wanted to take a moment to let you know how to be storm ready!

To prepare for a tornado/severe storm you should build an emergency kit.  A storm ready kit is simply a collection of basic items your household may need in the event of an emergency.

1)      You should purchase a large, waterproof storage locker or plastic bin.  This will keep everything together and dry during the storm.

2)      Determine your needs.  There are several categories of supplies that you will need to consider, with the first one being food.  You will want to determine the number of people that you are including in your plan.  Once you have a number include these things in your kit.

  1. Bottled Water (One gallon per day, per person)
  2. Food: Pack non-perishable foods, such as: Canned meat, fish, fruit & vegetables.
  3. Bread in moisture proof packing.
  4. Cookies, candy and dried fruit
  5. Canned soups & milk
  6. Powdered or single serve drinks
  7. Cereal pars
  8. Packaged Condiments
  9. Peanut Butter & Jelly
  10. Instant Coffee & Tea

& don’t forget to pack a manual can opener with your supplies.  You may also want to pack disposable kitchen supplies such as forks, knives and spoons. Paper plates, plastic bowls, paper towels or napkins and plastic baggies.  ***Don’t forget to consider your pets with packing food supplies!!***

3)       Make a first aid kit.  This kit should contain basic first aid supplies such as

  1. Antibiotic cream
  2. Band Aids & Pads
  3. Alcohol
  4.  Aspirin (kid strength & adult strength if needed)
  5.  Bug bite cream
  6. Antacids
  7.  Sunscreen (if needed)
  8.  Mosquito repellent
  9.  Two week supply of any prescription medication needed

4)      Pack the following items if you feel that they would be helpful after a storm.  Plan as if you’ll have no power or running water.

  1. Portable battery powered lanterns
  2. Extra cell phone batteries
  3. Emergency candles with holders
  4. Battery power radio or TV
  5. Battery operated clock
  6. Extra batteries, including hearing aids
  7. Tools (i.e. Hammer, screwdriver, etc.)
  8. Bleach, Dish Soap, surface cleaning psray
  9. Drop Cloth
  10. Fire Extinguisher
  11. Duct Tape (as usual this will be your best friend)
  12. Extension cords.
  13. Spray Paint
  14. Rain Ponchos
  15. Extra Glasses or Contact Lenses

5)      Consider your personal situation when stocking your kit.  If you have small children you should plan for extra diapers sanitary wipes food and toys. Entertainment items such as Cards, Board Games, Magazines, Books or portable video games can help pass the time while you’re waiting on the power to be restored.


Make sure that your children know where you keep this kit just in case they are alone in the home and a severe storm starts.   Hopefully with this knowledge you will be ready when storm season starts!


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